What can not be seen – This is no longer seen

This project is a choreographic research about censorship and its relation between bodies and things. An investigation on the participation of the encounter of the hidden, disappeared or eliminated. The potentiality and hypervisibility of what has been separated from the regime of the visible, the censored and the self-censored.

How can we move in the margins, the limits, of the visible? Would it be possible to perceive what is no longer there? How to free ourselves from the need to see and recognize things in order to provoke movements? It is a research into the recent history of contemporary choreography, how the construction of a volatile archive is carried out, hot to index it. A research through stimuli that do not correspond to the visible, thinking from the vibrations, the displacement, the very flow of things.

Working with the political and emotional agency of things that are no longer there. The agency and potentiality of non-visibility, absence, generate specific choreographies. How are the processes and mechanisms of material selection that should be shown. What movements provoke and relate to expurgated / censored materials -texts, bodies, objects, images- throws the question: is the total elimination of things possible?

On stage: Óscar Hernández, Roberto García and Ignacio de Antonio

Art and stage design: Álvaro Borrajo

Lighting: Antón Ferreiro

With the support of: Espacio en Residencia Azala Espazio, La Casa Encendida, Arqueologías del Futuro and Red de artes vivas

Presented in

La Casa Encendida – Madrid 2018  

Pliegues y Despliegues – Bogotá 2018