A group of people comes in April two thousand and fifteen in the cafeteria of the Graduate School of Architecture of Madrid. They receive a book and a pair of wireless headphones.

You are in the piece Coca Cola, we are middle class and all our dreams come true. Please take a seat. Check that your wireless headphones work properly. Verify that you have in your possession a can of Coke. If you ever want to leave the room go to the computer desk. Thank you for supporting the spectacle.

In the cafeteria cleaning lady makes his rounds, people are quieter than normal, and there are five post-teen listening to something with a lot of volume in special headphones for athletes, pushing things, pushing to each other, dancing as if the world were to end, sweating. – Watering the plant with Coca Cola – Run on site – Run faster – You have to get up as high as possible with the help of three of them – in the cafeteria passes Coca Cola among other things that happen every day at that hour in Cafeteria. – Coca Cola is the ultimate symbol of our time. All roads lead to Coca Cola. We do not drink Coca Cola. We like Coca Cola. We like pop. We like Air Conditioning. We like microphones. We like the orange ING direct deposit. We like gifs. We have learned to love and dream within the television series. We’ve learned everything from youtube. We were at the Madrid Arena. We have seen Torrevieja in Street View. We have not written (almost) any text of the play Coca Cola. Even the subtitle, is a book of poetry by Nicholas Pedretti. It will happen. It is happening. Come. Bring your friends. –