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source site A collaboration with Luis Rodríguez Carnero, Carlos Álvarez Clemente and Óscar Hernández.


see url Toast is Bread is a scenic proposal that works on the everyday daily and usually and unavoidable tasteless routine. People generating a chain of possible situations. Revealing in the sounds trivial, in the precise description of anything-everything.

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source site Between September and December 2013, three interventions were performed in the Kairos Pavilion, within the program of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale: Close, Closer. These interventions work with the interaction between the body (performing body and spectator body) and daily objects, and the built architecture. The interaction of this three parts is developed through a choreographic work, with special emphasis on the sound, the relationship between theatricality and the public and the “out of field “in the performing experiences.


source The piece runs for an hour and a half, and driven performers interact reveal spatial and sonic qualities of architecture, public runs freely through the pavilion to attend the various phases of the intervention.

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