My First Dance Piece is a work-in-progress project, a scenic proposal that take place when the public is waiting to enter the theater while the performer scorts them gradually to enter into the scenario.

The performance occurs during all this process when the interpreter is going in and out (INside the scene – OUT of the scene, in the waiting line entrance). I (as the creator and performer of this pieces) repeat this “in and out” during the whole piece always closing the door and following the same routine: choose a small group of public and accompanied them to a door while some information about the creative process of the piece is shared on the way.

The door that gives access to the scene through the backstage, drive people to enter inside through the stage, in this moment the public becomes part of the interpreters as they walk through the stage following me. After sharing some more information with them on the stage about the creative concerns of the piece they are invited to sit wherever they want in the audience seats. In that point the routine is completed, so I restart; I come out in the entrance hall where the public who have not yet entered is and star the routine (but always providing different information about the creative process).

Presented at

Teatro Pradillo – 2014

CA2M – 2014

Video fragment