DEBUT. A person’s first appearance or performance in a particular capacity or role.

This is just before the beginning.                                

Is the time just before going to a first performance, a premiere. This piece wants to discuss, put in crisis, how each public presentation is inevitably a “first one”, a Debut.

During the course of the performance, it is built from the empty stage, even rather technical elements, the first scene of a possible piece of theater. The spotlights, marley floor, the projector, the screen and the props are installed.

It’s always a first time. In this: our first time. A group of people and a box. A black box. Of a light box. For some time together. That we have come to gaze. The black box: the black hole. The scene is a place of a convention, a known language. This beginning is a text, a performance, an installation, a community

This piece is self explanatory. Who were we before the beginning?


Presented in

Teatro Pradillo  – Madrid 2015