My First Dance Piece is a work-in-progress project, a scenic proposal that take place when the public is waiting to enter the theater while the performer scorts them gradually to enter into the scenario. The performance occurs during all this process when the interpreter is going in and out (INside the scene – OUT of […]

DEBUT. A person’s first appearance or performance in a particular capacity or role.

This is just before the beginning.                                 Is the time just before going to a first performance, a premiere. This piece wants to discuss, put in crisis, how each public presentation is inevitably a “first one”, a Debut. During the course of the performance, it is built from the empty stage, even rather technical elements, the […]


A group of people comes in April two thousand and fifteen in the cafeteria of the Graduate School of Architecture of Madrid. They receive a book and a pair of wireless headphones. You are in the piece Coca Cola, we are middle class and all our dreams come true. Please take a seat. Check that […]

Make it Make it Make it Again [The smell of bananas]

Make It Make It Make It Again [The smell of bananas] inquires into the conditions of production of performance, considering and enhancing the ambiguities that the artistic practice has in relation to labor and market logics. Some paradigms such as efficiency, efficacy, reproducibility, productivity, profitability problematize the encounter, the choreographic event, the theatrical experience. Repetition […]

What can not be seen – This is no longer seen

This project is a choreographic research about censorship and its relation between bodies and things. An investigation on the participation of the encounter of the hidden, disappeared or eliminated. The potentiality and hypervisibility of what has been separated from the regime of the visible, the censored and the self-censored. How can we move in the […]

Objects and installations

Bastante algo – Other furniture | 2018  → Waveforms | 2016  → A Standard Sound Performance | 2014 → From 2010 to 2015 it was part of the collective Taller de Casqueria → Selected works →


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Here fits a theatre | 2018  → An investigation about censorship on stage | 2017 → This supposedly fun interesting thing we will never do again together | 2016 → U N P E R F O R M A P E R F O R M A N C E | 2015 → A person presenting all that has at […]


Ignacio de Antonio is researcher and artist, formed as architect, he holds a Master in Performance Studies from New York University, which he obtained thanks to the Fulbright program. He is interested in artistic research and practice in the field of time based arts; the relationship between architecture, choreography, the event and the spectator. He […]