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http://ortdestreffens.de/?yabloko=rboptions-plattform&211=09 A Standard Sound Performance is an installation and performance proposal that make spectators and visitors of a space become performers and active visitors of this space. It is a reflexion on the expectant body and the relationship between body, sound and space: the listening body.

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http://foodintravel.it/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://foodintravel.it/french-toast-light/ The installation dresses seven locations in the interventioned area where people can listen to a series of tracks recorded and produced in situ by touching several surfaces of this spaces (walls, coaches, windows…). All sounds were exclusively generated with the elements contained into the rooms where the track was recorded. There, while laying your head on the surfaces in order to “listen the surface” on which the work was carried out, the performance begins. In this point the visitor, transformed into an active visitor end up being the performer while the just arrived visitors observe how “someone is listening to a wall”. The idea of this project is to intervene through various pieces of sound several spaces of the Cultural Center Matadero Madrid, to generate other ways of watching a space, different way of living a space, different way to behaviour into a public space.

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ثنائيالخيار الروبوت Ù يمÙ تاØ الترخيص The proposal doesn’t consist on providing ambient sounds, but samples that generate perceptual mixtures by means of vibration-based technologies. A Sound Performance Standard is a sound installation that works on the listening position.

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